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Supporting Indigenous participation in our construction projects

8 November 2021

The Department for Infrastructure and Transport is committed to supporting Indigenous participation in our construction projects.

Below are figures from Tranche 1 of works under the Road Safety Program.

Our results were very positive, with an overall result of 7.7% participation (surpassing the target of 5%).

Below is breakdown of participation rates achieved on each of the roads under Tranche 1.

Project TitleIndigenous Engagement 
(% of employment hours)
Eyre Highway 10.1%
Horrocks Highway* 5.7%
Barrier Highway 32.0%
Stuart Highway* 7.7%
Riddoch Highway 11.4%
Upper Yorke Road 7.7%
Ngarkat Highway 1.6%
Tod Highway 15.1%
Birdseye Highway 10.6%
Minlaton Road 1.7%
Karoonda Highway Not collected for Tranche 1
Playford Highway
Pages Flat Road
IPP Target5.7%

*Note multiple contracts.

**Average is average Indigenous employment hours across all contracts.