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Boating safety – you’ve got to live it

1 October 2021

Boaties across South Australia are urged to slow down and stay safe during National Safe Boating Week, which starts tomorrow.

National Safe Boating Week (2-8 October) is a collaborative initiative developed by the Australia New Zealand Safe Boating Education Group and maritime agencies across Australia. This year it has three themes:

  1. Service it
    Be a responsible boat owner. Make sure your boat is seaworthy – is your boat maintained well enough to take your loved ones on a trip? If the answer is no, don’t go out.
  2. Pack it
    Be prepared before heading out on the water. Having the required safety equipment can help you survive when the unexpected happens.
  3. Wear it
    When accidents happen, there’s rarely time to put on a lifejacket on. Wearing the correct lifejacket could save your life. Which lifejacket is right for you? Find out here.

Safe boating means being a responsible boat owner. You should ensure that your boat undergoes regular servicing, maintenance and safety checks so it stays in tip top shape.

Safe boating also means sticking to the signed speed limits and exercising respectful marina behaviour. Speed limits are in place where high-speed boats may be a hazard to other water users. Various harbours and marinas are subject to speed limits.

A four-knot speed restriction applies within 50 metres of a person in the water, within 30 metres of any other vessel that may be adversely affected by wash and within most boat havens and marinas throughout South Australia.

Four-knots is commonly referred to as a fast-walking speed. Slow down and make the boating experience safe and enjoyable for everyone.

There are penalties if you do not observe the controls or speed restrictions provided.

Boaters are reminded that ramps and marinas will be much busier as the weather continues to warm up and everyone, whether they are earning a living or just having fun, has a responsibility to make sure we all get home safe.

This week, marine safety officers will be on the water and around marinas across the state to talk to boaters and provide more information about National Safe Boating Week.

For more information visit National Safe Boating Week (