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Advice available if you are worried about someone’s driving

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

23 June 2020

Friends and family members who are worried about someone’s fitness to drive can now access an online resource to support them with advice on what to do.

For many drivers, the day will eventually come when they need to begin retiring from driving. A smooth and successful transition from driving to occasional driving and then to not driving at all happens best when it is planned.

However, it can be difficult to know what to do if you have concerns about someone’s driving.

The Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure has developed an online resource that provides tips and information for family members, friends and others about things to consider.

The resource, ‘Are you worried about someone’s driving?’, is available at and includes advice on how to start a conversation about driving, the legal responsibilities about a person’s fitness to drive and tips for helping a driver to stay safe.

It also assists with information about what services and concessions are available.

It’s important to remember ability, not age, determines whether a person is a safe driver.

A conversation with the driver is a good starting point – and it’s a way of showing your care for that person.

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