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New road rules to improve safety

29 November 2019

Road users are advised that amendments to the Australian Road Rules, aimed at removing ambiguity and improving road safety, will come into effect in South Australia on Sunday.

The Australian Road Rules provide uniform road laws throughout Australia and specify behaviour for all road users to support the safe and efficient use of roads.

The State Government will implement the following nationally-adopted amendments:

  • Specifying load restraint performance standards in law, with breaches to result in a three demerit point penalty and a $235 expiation fee for light vehicle drivers and operators or a $375 fee for heavy vehicle drivers.
  • Removing barriers to access for larger vehicles through small roundabouts;
  • Requiring drivers to indicate when pulling over to a stationary position (for example, when waiting for another motorist to pull out of a parking bay);
  • Requiring a motor bike helmet to be in good repair and proper working order and condition, while recognising considerations of normal wear and tear. Riders should note that cameras still cannot be fitted to a motor bike helmet unless approved by the helmet’s manufacturer.

Some of the amendments to the Rules were based on pre-existing law in South Australia and will now apply throughout the rest of Australia:

  • Allowing cyclists to ride across road crossings and slip lanes (instead of having to walk their bike);
  • Requiring motorists to give way to cyclists and pedestrians entering crossings;
  • Introducing nationally consistent Rules relating to motor bike lane filtering.

The changes will come into effect in South Australia on Sunday, 1 December, which is also the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the Australian Road Rules nationally.

For more information on these changes, please visit My Licence.

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