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Improvements to Clark Terrace, Seaton, now complete

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

20 April 2018

Access and safety improvements for road users and people who walk or cycle along Clark Terrace, Seaton, between Tapleys Hill Road and West Lakes Boulevard, have been completed.

The improvements included:

  • Upgrading the junction of Clark Terrace and the access road into Seaton Park Railway Station
  • Formalising the car park for people with a disability along the station access road in front of the Seaton Park Railway Station
  • Installing a pedestrian refuge on Clark Terrace, near the junction to the station access road, for improved access to Seaton Park Railway Station
  • Installing bicycle lanes along Clark Terrace from near Tapleys Hill Road to West Lakes Boulevard
  • Upgrading of pedestrian ramps at Tapleys Hill road and Clark Terrace intersection
  • Resurfacing of Clark Terrace and new line marking

The road reseal received $750,000 of funding under the Critical Road Maintenance Program, whereas the remainder of the project received $230,000 of funding through the Better Access to Public Transport Program.

Additional works, including installing a pedestrian refuge on Clark Terrace near Minns Street West and upgrading pedestrian ramps at the Tapleys Hill Road and Clark Terrace intersection, will be completed at a later date.

DPTI would like to thank pedestrians and road users for their cooperation and patience while these important safety works were undertaken.