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Marine Guide to Government

Department of Administrative and Information Services (DAIS)

Outline of maritime-related activities

Workplace Information Services:

  • Provides information about State and Federal Awards, Enterprise Agreements, Long Service Leave and Occupational Health and Safety.

Workplace Services:

  • Works in partnership and consult with employers, unions and industry representatives to achieve best practice in workplace health and safety and industrial relations;
  • Assists business operators and workers to systematically manage OHS on a daily basis, through risk management and consultation with all in the workplace;
  • Develops targeted compliance and enforcement strategies to achieve significant improvements in industries at risk;
  • Provides information and assistance on workplace health and safety and industrial relations matters to employers, workers and other key stakeholders;
  • Investigates injuries, illnesses and fatalities and prosecute individuals and companies failing to meet their workplace responsibilities;
  • Identifies poor performing industries, hazards and/or industrial relations concerns and target improvement strategies accordingly;
  • Develops effective networks with employers, their representatives and unions;
  • Provides timely advice to Government on occupational health and safety and industrial relations issues.

Other South Australian Departments/Agencies