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DPTI Master Specification

DPTI Request for Tender documents are prepared from standard templates, which are available by clicking on the following links:

What is the “Master Specification”?
The Master Specification is DPTI’s collection of standard technical requirements for its infrastructure assets. Through procurement of services, it enables DPTI to engage a diverse supplier base to supply materials and plan, design, construct and maintain its infrastructure assets to a standard set of requirements. The Master Specification is in fact made up of a number of standard parts, each one referring to a specific technical requirement (such as the lighting or pavement requirement) which in turn is applied through a contract to one or more of DPTI’s assets (such as a road, bridge or rail asset). Because many parts of the Master Specification cross-reference each other, individual parts are rarely used in isolation.

While it is DPTI’s intention that the Master Specification always apply, there may be some contracts where the standard parts need to be adjusted to reflect the unique and specific technical requirements of that particular contract. These specifics will be documented in a formal ‘Adjustment’ and provided with the respective part being adjusted as part of the contract documents.

The Master Specification parts will also often reference DPTI Test Procedures, the DPTI Approved Products List and other Technical Standards and Guidelines.

Where can I find the Master Specification parts?
If you are contracted to DPTI, the relevant parts of the Master Specification, along with any Adjustments (departures from the master specification), will be included in the Contract Scope and Contract Requirements (CSCR), this being your contract documentation. All current parts of the Master Specification are available in pdf for general reference below.

Are the parts reviewed?
DPTI is responsible for regularly reviewing the content of the Master Specification parts for accuracy, conformance with legislative requirements and alignment (where appropriate) with Australian and International standards. , 

Revisions to the Master Specification will not generally be applied in retrospect to existing contracts unless there is an urgent safety need, in which case the DPTI Contract Manager will manage the process of applying the revisions.

Can I make comments or suggestions?
Yes; you are welcome to make comments and provide feedback regarding any of the parts. Please contact your Contract Manager, or email your feedback to


You may copy and use these specifications; however, if you use these documents for any purpose which is not consistent with the above (in particular, using them in contracts where the Commissioner of Highways or Minister of Transport is not the Principal), you do so at your own risk.

DPTI makes no representations or warranty that the Specifications have been prepared with reasonable care and does not assume a duty of care to you. DPTI  has no responsibility to inform you of any matter coming to DPTI's notice which may affect the quality of the Specifications in any way. By downloading any specification from this site, you acknowledge and agree to DPTI's Disclaimer

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DPTI Master specificationEffective date
Specific Introduction & Contract Specific Requirements  
Division G: General1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division D: Design (for design & construct contracts only)1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division CH: Construction & Handover1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division RW: Railways1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division R: Roadworks1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division CC: Concrete1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division S: Structures1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division L: Landscape1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division P: Professional Services (for AS4122 contracts; includes planning / design only contracts)1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division M: Road Maintenance1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018
Division W: Marine Works1 July 2018Pre - 1 July 2018