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DPTI Conditions of Contract

Transport Infrastructure

AS 2124 Special Conditions of ContractConstruct Only Contracts
AS2124 Special Conditions - Minor ConstructionSimplified Special Conditions for low risk, low complexity construction up to $1m (no provision for RCTI's)
AS 4122 Special Conditions of ContractProfessional Services (consultancy) for investigation, planning or design
Annexure to AS4122Annexure for Professional Services Contracts

GCC Minor Construction and  Services is used for low value or low risk contracts for works or services that are related to the construction or maintenance of infrastructure; for example, minor building repairs, building trades, hire of construction plant with an operator, graffiti removal, load and haul.


AS2124 Special Conditions of Contract and Annexure (234)

Construct Only Contracts
MDW-12 Conditions of Contract (113)Medium Construct Only Contracts
GCC Minor Construction and  ServicesMinor construction / building, building trades and/or related services
GC21 Agreement and contract Information (149) Managing Contractor
AS4122 Annexure Part A (5)Professional Services Contracts
AS4122 Annexure Part B (214)Professional Services Contracts

Goods & Services

Goods and Services Agreement This is the State Procurement Board Agreement incorporating DPTI Special Conditions. It is used for all low to medium risk goods & services not covered by the general conditions of contract listed above.

Special Conditions for the Installation of Goods / Equipment These additional clauses are to be used with the Standard Goods & Services Agreement if the Goods / Equipment are to be installed.

GCC Plant This is the State Procurement Board Agreement with special conditions for purchases of construction / maintenance plant.

GCC Services - Hourly Rate is used where a contractor works under the general direction of DPTI on an hourly rate.

GCC Plant Hire is used for the hire of construction / maintenance plant.


DPTI also has panel agreements for frequent, low value purchases:
Panel Agreement - Professional Services
Panel Agreement - Minor Construction and Services
Panel Agreement - Plant Hire