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Tourist Accommodation Road Sign Application Form


There are specific criteria that apply for different types of tourist accommodation. Please read the Road Sign Guidelines – Guide to visitor and service road signs in South Australia before completing this application.

To be eligible for road signs, applicants must demonstrate that they meet all the relevant criteria detailed in the Road Sign Guidelines. Please complete the relevant sections of this application and provide as much detail and supporting information as possible to demonstrate that all eligibility criteria are met.

Section 1: To be completed by ALL applicants

Suburb   Postcode
Phone        Fax 
Mobile   Email

Name of establishment

Address of establishment 

Description of establishment

Please provide evidence of relevant licences and approvals to operate as an accommodation business.  (Refer section 5.1)




Is the business open daily? 


Is the accommodation available without prior booking?  (Refer section 5.1)

Is the accommodation open to individual tourists i.e. not exclusively for coach tours or other organised groups?  (Refer section 5.1)

Please provide details of existing on-site signs (including photographs) that clearly identify the entrance to the accommodation business.  (Refer section 5.1)






Which of the following best describes the accommodation type?  (Refer section 5.2, 5.2.1 & 5.2.2)


Section 2: Please complete the following if relevant to your tourist accommodation type 

Resorts (Refer section 5.2.2)

Please indicate the dining / cooking options available at the resort.

Is the reception area staffed for a minimum of 14 hours per day?



Do you have experienced staff available to extend the holiday experience offered at the resort?


Caravan parks (Refer section 5.2.3)

Does the caravan park provide a mixture of accommodation, powered caravan sites and camping sites? 


Is the caravan park managed by on-site personnel 7 days a week?


Camping areas (Refer section 5.2.4)

Does the camping area have a toilet and fresh water available for drinking purposes? 


Additional comments or information in relation to this application 



If your establishment qualifies for tourist accommodation road signs, it is your responsibility as the operator to ensure the business continues to comply with the criteria for your type of accommodation signing.  If the accommodation is found to no longer comply with the criteria then DPTI may remove the sign.  All tourist accommodation signs are approved on this basis.  It is a requirement that operators indicate they accept this condition as part of their application.

All approvals are granted for an 8 year period.  After this period DPTI may ask you to demonstrate that the accommodation still qualifies for signage.

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