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Adelaide Oval Footy Express to run for finals

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

30 September 2020

The Adelaide Oval Footy Express will operate at full capacity for Port Adelaide’s Qualifying Final against Geelong on Thursday, 1 October to enable spectators to socially distance as much as possible.

Footy fans can access free travel to and from Adelaide Oval on normal Adelaide Oval Footy Express services for the match, which commences at 7:10pm.

As previously announced, the Gawler rail line will be closed between Adelaide and Salisbury railway stations, due to the Gawler Rail Electrification Project. Additional substitute buses will operate before and after the match to cater for increased loadings.

Public transport services for the football are being operated at the same capacity as they would for a full crowd to assist with social distancing, with crowds restricted to a maximum of 25,000 for each match due to COVID-19.

Additional customer service staff will also be at the gates and turnstiles at Adelaide Railway Station to remind people of the need to socially distance.

Passengers are encouraged to use their best judgement and to wait for the following service if they do not feel as though there is adequate space or if instructed to do so. On average, bus and tram passengers will only have to wait between five to 10 minutes for the next service, while train passengers should only wait around 15 minutes.

For more information regarding Footy Express services and your service’s timetable, please visit:

Adelaide Metro will advise of any changes to Footy Express services resulting from any change to COVID-19 restrictions in South Australia.

In accordance with the Federal government’s advice and as noted with the State’s public activities declaration, public transport is excluded from density requirements. Customers are required to practice social distancing as far as practical and Adelaide Metro introduced measures to keep commuters safe on public transport, including:

  • More frequent cleaning of buses, trams and trains
  • Discontinued cash handling by transitioning to a “MetroCard Only” system
  • Accelerated the installation of Perspex screens for bus drivers and restricted access to open areas immediately around drivers
  • Installation of signage on the fleet of trains, trams and buses that sends clear messages not to board if unwell and to encourage physical distancing as far as practicable at stops and stations, and on board services
  • Signage at key stations and interchanges, and inside vehicles with information published by health authorities about good personal hygiene habits.

We will continue to be guided by expert health advice in terms of necessary precautions to safeguard against the spread of COVID-19 and we thank patrons for their cooperation and patience.