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Aboriginal Country Signage Project wins award

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

22 October 2019

There are two men standing in front of a black curtain. The man on the left is holding a framed certificate and the man on the right is presenting a glass trophy to him.
Paul Herzich receives the award.

DPTI’s Acknowledgement of Aboriginal Country Signage Project has received the 2019 Australian Institute of Landscape Architects National Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence for Community Contribution.

Designed by Paul Herzich from the Office for Design and Architecture along with various Elders, the project is a national first and a simple yet powerful gesture to acknowledge Indigenous cultures within Australia.

Located at road stops along major regional roads, the installations provide an important educational opportunity to identify the existence and diversity of Aboriginal Nations across South Australia.

Three of the road signs, two placed next to each other abover a wider one below. The top left is orange in colour and spells out NGADJURI. On Each of the signs , each letter is etched out of a rectangular piece of metal and Aboriginal artwork surrounds it. The second sign is yellow in colour and spelss out NGARKAT. The rhird sign is blue in colour and says NGARRINDJERI.