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Rail safety is everyone's responsibility

CONNECT - Message from the Chief Executive

12 August 2019

As part of national Rail Safety Week (12 – 18 August), South Australians are being urged to ensure their knowledge of road rules and dangers around railway tracks.

The Department urges South Australians to exercise caution when using the rail network, and reminds members of the public that the onus is on them to take responsibility for their own actions.

There are 695 railway crossings on public roads in metropolitan and rural South Australia and over 270 pedestrian crossings on Adelaide’s passenger rail network.

Between 2014 and 2018, 620 near-misses were reported by rail operators.

Fatalities, incidents and near-misses on the network can cause severe and lasting trauma to the rail employees involved, their families and the families of the people injured or killed – and it can all be avoided.

Pedestrians, cyclists and motorists should keep these simple points in mind:

  • Stop, look, listen and think when you are near or about to cross the rail lines.
  • Trains and trams can’t stop quickly or swerve, so don’t chance it – just wait! You can stop, a train or tram can’t.
  • Trains and trams can come at any time and from either direction; always cross tracks at a designated pedestrian level crossing.
  • Stand behind the yellow and white lines on the platform at all times.
  • If you’re driving, never enter a level crossing while the lights are flashing or warning bells operating. Always make sure there is sufficient space for your vehicle to cross safely to the other side.
  • Look up! Remove headphones and don’t get distracted by friends or your mobile phone when you are near tracks.

The Department encourages South Australians to take the Rail Safety Quiz during Rail Safety Week.

The quiz is available on My Licence.