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Notice to Mariners No 15 of 2019

27 May 2019

South Australia - Gulf St Vincent - Port Adelaide - Outer Harbor - Dredging Works

Former Notices No.3, 3A and 8 of 2019

Mariners are advised that Dredging Works to widen the Outer Harbor Channel and the No.6 Turning Basin will commence on 01 June 2019 and will continue until the middle of September 2019. The dredges Gateway and Magnor will operate continuously between the entrance to the Port Adelaide River and the No.6 Berth Turning Basin at Outer Harbor. The dredges will be supported by tugs and barges.

A hydrographic survey vessel, the Bay Lass will be conducting hydrographic surveys daily on the works.

The existing deposition area, approximately 12 nautical miles westward from the Entrance Beacon and bounded by the following WGS84 latitudes and longitudes, will be used to deposit the dredge material:

34° 48’ 25.54” S, 138° 07’ 21.82” E

34° 48’ 25.56” S, 138° 10’ 03.84” E

34° 52’ 37.57” S, 138° 10’ 03.85” E

34° 52’ 37.55” S, 138° 07’ 21.85” E

Whilst in position or underway, the vessels will exhibit the appropriate lights and shapes required by the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea.

Mariners are reminded that navigation beacons within the Outer Harbor Channel are in the process of being relocated and/or temporarily replaced by buoys and virtual Aids to Navigation.

Mariners are advised to proceed with caution whilst in the vicinity of these works.

Navy Charts affected:          Aus 130, Aus 137, Aus 138 and Aus 781.

Publications affected:         Australian Pilot Volume 1 (Fifth Edition 2017) pages 401 - 405

27 May 2019


Manager Maritime Safety

Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure

FP 2012/0105

DPTI 2017/02277/01