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Why get a licence?


A driver’s licence is useful.

  • It's easier to get around and catch up with people you know, help your family, get a job, keep appointments, and study.
  • At places like banks and government offices, a driver’s licence is proof of your identity.
  • Learning the road rules, passing a driving test and getting lots of supervised practice makes you a safer driver.
  • It takes time to get a licence. Time, patience and a lot of practice.

    It's worth the effort.
  • A recent survey showed that Aboriginal people in SA and NSW with a driver's licence are 3 times more likely to have a job than those without. Having a licence means it's easier to access job opportunities and study options.
  • Only 17% of eligible Aboriginal people in SA hold a learner's permit or driver's licence. This compares to 90% of eligible non-Aboriginal people.