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Edition 14 - 30 May 2018

30 May 2018 edition for Planning Ahead Email: ... read newsletter

Tags: Building Rules; Development Assessment; Office for Design and Architecture SA; Planning and Design Code; Planning Institute of Australia; State Planning Commission

posted on: 30 May 2018

Channel Widening Project Approved

Approval for the widening of the Outer Harbour Shipping Channel has been granted by the Hon Stephan Knoll MP, Minister for Planning, following a rigorous development assessment process. The approval follows careful consideration of public representation, stakeholder feedback and state agency expert advice. The Port ... read article

Tags: Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure; Development Assessment

posted on: 29 May 2018

The Planning and Design Code - How will it work?

An important technical discussion paper on how South Australia’s new Planning and Design Code will operate in practice is now out for consultation. The paper has been written with planning practitioners in mind and sets out the proposed functional framework for the Code, including what ... read article

Tags: Planning and Design Code

posted on: 25 May 2018

Edition 30 - 10 May 2018

10 May 2018 edition for the Building Standard Email: ... read newsletter

Tags: Building Code of Australia / National Construction Code; Building Policy; Building Rules; Private Certification

posted on: 17 May 2018

Future land use definitions and classes

Future land use definitions and classes in the Planning and Design Code. ... read article

Tags: ePlanning; SA Planning Portal

posted on: 05 May 2018

Accredited Professionals Discussion Draft Released

Introduction of the Accredited Professionals Scheme is a key component of the new planning system created under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. The planned scheme will ensure that individuals and businesses undertaking development can have complete confidence in the professionals making development decisions. ... read article

Tags: Accredited Professionals; Accredited Professionals Scheme; Planning Reform

posted on: 01 May 2018

Edition 13 - 27 April 2018

27 April 2018 edition for Planning Ahead Email: ... read newsletter

Tags: Accredited Professionals Scheme; Building Policy; Community Engagement Charter; ePlanning; Planning and Design Code; SA Planning Portal; State Planning Commission

posted on: 27 Apr 2018
Total of 76 news items found | Page 1 of 11
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