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So you want to work on or near the railway?

General information

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure are the asset owners and operators of the Adelaide Metropolitan Passenger Rail Network. This includes both train and tram networks. Our role is to provide an efficient and safe rail service with minimal delays to our customers.

A network access application is required if:

  • Anyone wishing to access the AMPRN to undertake work, or
  • If any work will encroach on the AMPRN.
  • Any work that has the potential to impact the intended operation of a level crossing i.e. contra-flow.

Any overweight or over-dimensional loads are required to cross the network (ie: level crossing) will require a permit.

There are rules and conditions for third parties to access the rail network to ensure the safety of everyone and to minimize any disruption to rail services. Work will need to be undertaken either between services or after last service at night and before first service in the morning.

There are also set submission timeframes for applications that must be met in order to facilitate the required access (see link).

Any works must be undertaken under the protection of a suitably qualified Protection Officer. Applicants are responsible for contacting approved provider/s of Protection Officers, agree on their terms and conditions and advise which provider will be used.

Minimum Submission Times apply to applications (see link).

Portions of the AMPRN are electrified by way of 25kv overhead wire. If work is the be undertaken on the Seaford railway line, Belair railway line between Adelaide and Goodwood or the tram line then you will need to consider additional electrical safety requirements. (click here)

Safety, PPE, Training and Competency

Electrical Network Safety

Engineering Standards

Days and Times Where Access is Restricted

Fees and Charges

Apply Now

If you need more information

If you have any questions or need more information please contact our DPTI rail network access team on 0408 312 340 or email

For engineering advice call 7109 8450 and we will arrange the appropriate person to contact you.