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The Department of Infrastructure and Transport is increasing the employment and training of Aboriginal groups, local people with barriers to employment and trainees/apprentices/cadets through the Southern Expressway Duplication project.

This achievement is in response to the Government of South Australia’s Workforce Participation in Government Construction Procurement Policy which has set a workforce participation target of 15% for major infrastructure projects in South Australia.

This target is broken down into the following groups and target percentages:

  • Aboriginal people
  • Local People with a Barrier to employment
  • Trainees/Apprentices/Cadets
  • Upskilling

The project team is committed to meeting these targets - current figures are evidence of this (as of August 2014):

  • 3.59% of the workforce is Aboriginal people (target 2%)
  • 19.66% of the workforce is Local people with a barrier to employment (target 2%)
  • 8.27% of the workforce is Apprentices/Trainees/Cadets (target 7%)
  • 2.57% of the workforce is people to be up-skilled through employment on the project (target 3-4%)

Additionally, just less than 58 per cent of the Southern Expressway Duplication project workforce consists of southern Adelaide residents.