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The Advisory function includes the provision of specialist non-statutory valuation services required under the Valuation of Land Act 1971 (e.g. special valuations for statutory clients, government agencies and private sector). These include insurance and acquisition/disposal valuations and provision of Stamp Duty advice.

Management, maintenance and coordination of the panel of independent valuers to undertake special valuations on behalf of the Valuer-General.

Audit & Compliance

The Audit function includes provision of expert advice on the integrity of valuation services provided by the service provider (Land Services SA) in undertaking the State's general land valuations, in addition to the provision of progressive assurance, quality assurance, compliance and audit management services to ensure the ongoing integrity and equality of property valuations.


The Governance function includes overseeing and improving objection and review process, technical elements of valuation and monitoring progressive assurance in addition to compliance and oversight of the service contract.

Provide recommendation for objections to value and subsequent reviews, supplementary changes to the valuation roll.

Statutory and Administrative Services

This function includes:

  • Administration management of annual objections
  • Management of all enquiries and correspondence in and out of the Office of the Valuer-General
  • Maintenance and administration of Review by Valuer
  • Maintenance and administration of Review by SACAT
  • General management of customers and rating authorities