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Rural property addressing

Rural property addressing provides all occupied rural properties, homes and businesses, with a numbered property address consistent with the national standards for Australia and New Zealand.  

Approximately 60,000 properties were issued with a new address from their local council by 2014. Property owners are notified once the new address becomes official.

The new addresses don't affect residents' privacy, it only identifies the property, not who lives there. Rural property addressing does not alter the previously established locality and suburb names and boundaries.

If you are constructing a new building on your property contact your local council for information about getting a new property address.

If your road has no name or signposting contact your local council for information and advice.

A rural property address consists of:

  • a distance-based road number
  • road name
  • locality
  • postcode

For more information contact your local council.

All the completed official rural addressing road maps for each rural council area and state region are available here.