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Torrens Rail Junction Project


The Goodwood and Torrens Rail Junction Project is a nationally significant project which will result in increased productivity on the Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth rail line as well as reducing delays at level crossings in metropolitan Adelaide. The project will also improve Adelaide’s urban environment through the provision of upgraded cycling and pedestrian linkages.

Stage 1 was completed in 2014 and delivered the Goodwood Rail Junction and Adelaide Showgrounds station projects.

On 6 May 2016, funding approval for Stage 2 works to undertake detailed planning; design and construction works were jointly announced by the Australian and South Australian Governments.  Stage 2 works include the grade separation of freight and passenger rail lines at the Torrens Rail Junction.

Planning is underway for a new overpass on the Mike Turtur Bikeway over the rail line at Goodwood Station, and at-grade improvements for pedestrians and cyclists at the Leader Street rail crossing at Wayville.

These projects are expected to support on average about 212 jobs a year during construction and will be delivered in line with the State Government’s Industry Participation and Steel Procurement policies.

Torrens Rail Junction Project

The Torrens Rail Junction is where the interstate freight railway crosses the Outer Harbor passenger railway, located in the Park Lands between Port Road, Thebarton and War Memorial Drive, North Adelaide.  The existing rail junction poses a productivity constraint to the strategically important Adelaide to Melbourne rail freight line, with freight trains forced to give way to Outer Harbor passenger trains at the junction.

This project will grade separate the rail lines by lowering the Outer Harbor rail line below both the interstate rail line and the adjacent Inner Ring Route (Park Terrace).  The lowered rail line will extend for a length of approximately 1.5 kilometres.

Importantly, this project will improve the productivity of the national rail freight network by facilitating longer freight trains – about 20-percent longer than the current configuration – to operate between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Traffic delays at a number of existing rail crossings in the area will be eliminated or reduced.  The existing rail crossings will be grade separated at Park Terrace and Gibson Street; and closed at East Street (adjacent to the Bowden Urban Village development).  The project will also allow freight trains to safely maintain speed through the Torrens Road and Hawker Street level crossings, reducing delays on the road network.

A new Bowden rail station will be built between Gibson Street and Park Terrace to provide improved connectivity with the Bowden Urban Village, the Entertainment Centre, Adelaide Park Lands, local businesses and sporting clubs.  A new shared path for pedestrians and cyclists will run adjacent and across the rail line, linking to Bowden Station, Bowden Urban Village and Adelaide Park Lands (via a dedicated shared path under Park Terrace).  The existing heritage Bowden Station building will be retained.

The following map shows the scope of the Torrens Rail Junction Project, including the location of the Torrens Rail Junction bridge, the location of a new lowered Bowden Railway Station, the Park Terrace road bridge and pedestrian and cycle paths and crossing bridges.

Torrens Rail Junction Overview Map printable version (PDF, 121 KB)

Watch this visualisation of the Torrens Rail Junction project to better understand the scope of work required to complete this major project.

Mike Turtur Bikeway

The Mike Turtur Bikeway runs adjacent the Glenelg Tramline between Adelaide and Glenelg and is Adelaide’s busiest cycling route into the CBD with up to 1,000 people cycling per day.  It also provides direct access along the corridor for people to catch the Glenelg tram.

The Mike Turtur Bikeway grade separation project involves construction of a shared walking and cycling path over the interstate and passenger rail corridor at Goodwood removing a major impediment on the Bikeway. It will improve connectivity and safety for people walking and cycling by enabling cyclists to bypass the alternate local road route and avoid the at-grade level crossing on Victoria Street and eliminates the need for cyclists to travel through the Goodwood train station subway where existing conditions force cyclists to dismount.

Leader Street level crossing

Safety improvements for cyclists and pedestrians will be delivered at the Leader Street Rail Crossing. This will also improve safety along the Adelaide to Marino Rocks Greenway that runs alongside the Seaford rail line corridor.

To find out more or register for project updates, please call the project team on 1300 582 071 or complete the online Feedback and Suggestions Form or e-mail