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Planning for Great Places

Our vision

Adelaide is already one of the world’s most liveable cities and is ever evolving. Our planning system aims to ensure Adelaide continues to be a city that inspires and where people and business thrive.

New investment is critical but it must build on what South Australians love most and what makes our state a great place to live and visit.

Design is at the centre of what makes a place great. It can guide planning around whether a building is appropriate for a suburban location, or whether parkland is more suitable for nearby homes. Priority will be given to quality of life in a location, and the services that are needed to meet people’s future needs.

Our new planning system will help develop neighbourhoods that reflect local identity and build local character. Well-designed development will also feature open space and shared green areas.

Improving streetscape and local parks not only raises the quality of life and wellbeing, but builds community pride and attracts investment and economic development.

How are we achieving our vision?

Why is this important?

These snapshots help explain the South Australian context driving this vision. See more at Data Snapshots.


Coast Park

Coast Park is an initiative to develop a continuous two- way linear park for walkers and cyclists along 70 kilometres of Adelaide’s metropolitan coast from North Haven to Sellicks Beach.

Jointly funded by the state government and the six Councils located along the foreshore, Coast Park will see the delivery of about 60 separate projects which will provide public access along the length of the coast, provide a pedestrian and cycling-friendly foreshore environment, and recognise and enhance the diversity of the natural environment through a large-scale environmental management program.

To date, approximately 65 per cent of the coastal linear park has now been completed.


Vibrant Adelaide

The transformation underway in the Adelaide CBD is the result of policy, legislation, investment and place making coming together over five years. The outcome is changing the lives of thousands of South Australians.

Since April 2013, with the aid of a case management service, 70 new businesses have opened, equating to over $70 million in capital investment and over 800 new jobs. Peel Street has been transformed from a primarily vacant through road to Adelaide’s hottest new ‘eat street’, with twelve small venues and a thirteenth to open before the end of 2017.

In 2016, the state government embarked on the $15 million Market to Riverbank project with the City of Adelaide to reinvigorate the network of small streets and laneways between the Adelaide Central Market and the Adelaide Riverbank.

Housing ChoiceAccommodating changing, shrinking households

Living AffordabilityEnsuring affordable living in addition to affordable housing

Public Open SpaceBecoming more important the more we grow

Active Travel Allowing for affordable travel options and a healthy lifestyle

Population GrowthAccommodating growth and new South Australians

Housing GrowthEncouraging new dwellings in planned growth areas

Adelaide CityThe vibrant heart of South Australia

NeighbourhoodsCreating healthy, walkable and affordable places to live

Public TransportProviding affordable transport choices to communities

DemographicsSupporting our changing and ageing population

Sport and RecreationProviding opportunities to get more active

Car OwnershipThe primary mode for South Australians to get around

Greater AdelaideThe engine room of South Australia's economy

Planning ReformsAttracting new investment to Metropolitan Adelaide

Land SupplyProviding enough land for future growth

EmploymentMeeting the needs of changing and rising industries

PortsLinking our economy interstate and internationally

Natural LandscapesProtecting and preserving for future prosperity

Changing ClimateBuilding resilience for future generations

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