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Design Review

Design Review is a pre-lodgement service that supports high-quality design outcomes, improves access to independent design expertise and assists with informed decision-making during development assessment

Design quality of our built environment not only relates to the ‘look and feel’ of buildings and places, but how successfully they meet the needs of the people who use and experience them. High-quality design helps make our buildings and places better for people, the environment and economy.

Our new planning system enables greater emphasis to be placed on design quality, including how future developments contribute to the public realm, respect the surrounding built form and increase the availability of independent design expertise through the planning process.

One of the ways our new planning system will support high-quality design is by creating more opportunities to participate in Design Review.

Design Review is an independent evaluation process, where built environment experts consider the merits of a development proposal and identify opportunities to encourage high-quality design.

Design Review is most effective when undertaken early in the planning and design process, prior to a development application being lodged, where the opportunities to effect positive change are greatest.

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Page last modified Friday, 26 June 2020