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Accredited Professionals Scheme

Ensuring quality service and professional advice in assessing development applications

The Scheme will give individuals and businesses greater confidence and flexibility in the planning and building surveying professionals that make development decisions.

Consultation on the Accredited Professionals Scheme discussion paper (PDF, 2167 KB) has closed. A summary of what was heard (PDF, 749 KB) during the engagement process is available.

Two workshops with planning professionals were held. The first on 14 March 2018 discussed the elements of the Accredited Professionals Discussion Paper. The second, held on 11 April 2018, workshopped the CPD Educational Program. These workshops were recorded and can be viewed below.

Introduction of the accredited professional scheme is a key component of the new planning system created under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. The scheme will ensure that individuals and businesses undertaking development can have complete confidence in the professionals making development decisions.

The community expects these professionals to uphold a high standard of ethical conduct— and for the same standards to apply to planning and building professionals in both the public and private sectors. The new scheme introduces a brand new code of conduct, improved management of complaints and investigations, and a required program of continuing professional development.

The Accredited Professionals Scheme provides:

  • Better decisions
    The scheme will offer increased confidence for applicants—reassuring them that qualified and experienced professionals must adhere to relevant planning requirements and a code of conduct when making decisions.
  • Better recognition of professionals
    The scheme recognises the importance of professionals in the decision-making process and values their varied skills and experience. It also values professional development within the sector.
  • More choices for professionals
    Professionals will have the choice to select accreditation by the South Australian Government, or a recognised scheme from a private accreditor.
  • Faster processing for applicants
    Development applicants will have the choice to engage accredited professionals in the public or private sectors, resulting in faster and more responsive turnaround times on applications.
  • Better management of complaints and investigations
    To ensure confidence in all decisions, the scheme provides a clear audit, complaint, investigation and appeal process.
  • Centralised public register for all accredited professionals
    The South Australian Planning Portal will record all professionals accredited under the proposed scheme. This will provide an up-to-date directory of all planning and building decision-makers with their level of accreditation and any specialist fields.

Professionals under the accreditation scheme will need to meet prescribed requirements for qualifications, experience and specialist knowledge relevant to the type of work they are performing. They will be required to participate in continuing professional development activities, and adhere to a clearly defined code of conduct.

Professionals involved in state and local government assessment panels, who make decisions on development applications, will be required to hold higher levels of accreditation and/or experience to fulfil the requirements of those positions.

The scheme provides a clear audit, complaint, investigation and appeal process administered by an independent (yet to be determined) authority, and will ensure fair outcomes for both professionals and developers with public confidence in decisions. A public register of accredited professionals will also be available on the South Australian Planning Portal, providing greater choice and up-to-date information for members of the public seeking to engage a practitioner.

Practitioners covered by the scheme will have the option of obtaining accreditation either directly through the government accreditation authority, or through third-party providers. Details of the accreditation authority and third-party accreditation are expected to be finalised late-2018 to early-2019.

Two workshops were held as part of the consultation process on the Accredited Professionals Discussion Paper. These workshops were also livestreamed and videos produced.

Part 1 - Introduction and presentation

Part 2 - Workshopping and discussion paper

Part 1 - The presentation on a CPD program

Part 2 - Q&A session

Part 3 - Workshopping the CPD methods of training


February 2018
Accredited Professionals Scheme discussion paper released for consultation until 30 April

March 2018
Workshop with planning practitioners on the Accredited Professionals Scheme discussion paper

April 2018
Workshop with planning practitioners on the CPD educational program
June 2018 Submissions considered. Consultation report released
Mid 2018 Draft scheme – fact sheets, regulations, code of conduct – release for consultation
Late 2018 Scheme introduced
Mid 2019 Members of council and State Planning Commission required to be accredited
2020 All other building and planning professionals require accreditation


To learn more about the Accredited Professionals Scheme please contact

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