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State agencies

State agencies are responsible for providing expert advice during the assessment of a development application, to help steer its decision-making.

They also help evolve state-level policy and lodge development applications on behalf of a Department.

From 31 July 2020, state agencies can begin operating under the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 for rural parts of South Australia.

A suite of training material is available below to help state agencies learn functions available to them under the new PDI Act.

For more help, they can also:

Who state agencies are

Referral bodies

From July 2020 will:

  • Receive, assess and respond to referrals on development applications
  • Provide pre-lodgement advice and referral processes
  • Provide learning material, support and guidance relating to referrals under the PDI Act

Crown applicants

From July 2020 will:

  • Research development feasibility for land
  • Act as an applicant in the assessment process
  • Prepare and submit development applications

Policy planners

From July 2020 will:

  • Comment of Code Amendment proposals by Councils and other entities
  • In some circumstances seek to initiate an amendment to the Code

Learning material

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Page last modified Tuesday, 21 July 2020