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Community and applicants

Applicants submit applications to gain approval for a development proposal in South Australia.

Some applicants are lodging for the first time to improve their home while other applicants lodge many times in a year on behalf of others.

Member of South Australia's community may be interested in new development activity happening across the state.

From 31 July 2020, proposals in rural parts of the state must be submitted under the new Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016.

A suite of training material is available below to help applicants learn functions available to them under the new PDI Act.

For more help, they can also:

Who applicants are


From July 2020 will submit applications that are high cost and high complexity.

Home owners

From July 2020 wil submit applications that are generally low cost and low complexity.

Lodging agents

From July 2020 will lodge development applications on the behalf of an investor, home owner or state agency.

Learning material

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Page last modified Tuesday, 21 July 2020