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Olympic Dam - Resource Development Strategy

The proposal

Expansion of mining and processing activities at Olympic Dam, including additional water volumes from the Great Artesian Basin, with new and/or expanded facilities to support this development at Roxby Downs.

The overall development comprises the existing mine site and project area and other land within and in the vicinity of the Olympic Dam Village and Roxby Downs township.

The Minister for Planning and the Minister for Energy and Mining have signed joint declarations that capture all elements for the expansion works that will allow for an increase in copper production from 200,000 tpa Cu and associated products to up to 350,000 tpa Cu and associated products. The relevant major development assessment pathways are defined under the Development Act 1993 and the Olympic Dam and Stuart Shelf Indenture scheduled to the Roxby Downs (Indenture Ratification) Act 1982.

These declarations outline the project components requiring approval for the Olympic Dam Production Growth Plan.

Assessment stages and documentation

Stages and documentation are listed in chronological order, from most recent to original declaration:

Stage of assessment processDate ▼Documentation

Governor's Decision


Release of Assessment report by Minister


Release of Response document to public and agency comments


Release of DR/PER/EIS document for public comment


Release of Guidelines with level of assessment determined*

*Level of assessment and reporting requirement to be determined by State Planning Commission and Minister for Energy and Mining

22 May 2020

Guidelines document (PDF, 3482 KB)

Declaration as major development

14 February 2019

Government Gazette dated 14 February 2019, page 461
Variation notice in Government Gazette dated 19 September 2019, page 3306

Page last modified Friday, 22 May 2020