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Development Assessment

Development assessment is the process of granting approval that is required for creating new buildings or structures, altering or demolishing buildings, a change in land use or the division of land. Approval generally includes two types of consent:

  • Development plan consent – this is assessed against the relevant local area development plan
  • Building rules consent – this is assessed against the national construction code, our state’s development regulations and Minister's specifications

Typically, applications are lodged with and assessed by local councils. However, applications are also lodged with our state’s development assessment body. This is usually for large or complex developments which may have a significance for our whole state, land divisions or applications that fall in areas outside a local council area. Applications for building rules consent can be assessed by councils or by a registered private certifier.

Currently, the system is guided by the Development Act 1993 and Development Regulations 2008 legislation.

In 2020, South Australia will have a new planning system with a quicker and more responsive process for assessing development proposals. To find out more please visit Planning Reforms.

Page last modified Monday, 23 December 2019