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Aluminium Composite Panel Building Audits

The Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) is coordinating a building audit in response to recent concerns regarding the use of Aluminium Composite Panels (ACP) on buildings. ACP is frequently used for external cladding or facades, insulation and signage along with internal applications.

The building audit is being delivered across 3 phases with phases 1 and 2 being delivered in collaboration with councils, the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and the Country Fire Service (CFS).

Buildings audited as a priority were residential buildings over 2 storeys including hotels, motels and apartments, aged care facilities, hospitals, schools, assembly buildings and buildings with occupants who may be unfamiliar with the means of escape or require assistance to escape.

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Audit progress updates

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Page last modified Tuesday, 26 May 2020