Residents Win


Creating people friendly streets and safer roads

Do people feel safe and comfortable getting around in your local area? Or are there road related behaviours that seem inappropriate and make people feel unsafe?

Would you like to improve local road safety and help create places that are easy to get around and enjoy?

Residents Win can help you identify the most appropriate solutions to increase your understanding of road safety issues and to create people friendly streets and safer roads.

Solutions that are then funded might include projects to address specific problem behaviours or a project that might improve the physical environment, or both.

Applying for a Residents Win grant is easy:

  1. Identify an issue
  2. Submit an Expression of Interest
  3. Your Expression of Interest will be assessed against the selection criteria.
  4. You will then receive assistance to come up with an innovative solution to your issue and submit a full application for grant funding.

People friendly streets and safer roads

Streets are public places that can have a rich association with history, cultural traditions, architecture, businesses and people. It is this local distinction that makes our streets special and unique. Through placemaking and the encouragement of walking, cycling and safe behaviours, people friendly streets and liveable communities can be created or enhanced.

The Living Neighbourhoods ‘ideas planner’ is an ideal first stage in developing your Expression of Interest for a Residents Win grant. The planner will help you organise your thoughts and shape the direction of your ideas.

The Living neighbourhoods website also includes project ideas around creating people friendly streets. There are many examples of neighbourhoods where people have got together to improve road safety and/or make more use of their streets.