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Registration and licensing statistics

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As at 30 June 2020.

Licence holders

South Australia has 1,271,958 licence holders, this includes full, provisional 1, provisional 2, probationary licences and learners permits and does not include disqualified drivers, suspended, cancelled or expired licences.

Licence class Number of holders
C (Car)1,100,595
HC (Heavy Combination)33,389
HR (Heavy Rigid)56,775
LR (Light Rigid)24,686
MC (Multi Combination)13,628
MR (Medium Rigid)41,162
RD (Bike Date)17,317
R (Motor Bike)151,870

The sum of licence classes will not equal the number of licence holders because a driver can have a motor bike and another class of licence i.e. C and R.

Licence types Number of holders
Full Licence1,152,890
Learners Permit57,708
Probationary Licence4,671
Provisional 1 Licence18,899
Provisional 2 Licence44,368

The sum of licence types will not equal the number of licence holders because a driver can have a learner's permit for another class of vehicle in addition to the class on their licence.

Other licence information Number of holders
Licence holder disqualifications started in the last 12 months 17,054
Elected Good Behaviour Option in the last 12 months
Elected Safer Driver Agreement in the last 12 months
Good Behaviour Option breach in the last 12 months
Safer Driver Agreement breach in the last 12 months

Vehicle registrations

Body type Number of vehicles
Cars 676,864
Station Wagons 414,769
Panel Vans 37,227
Utilities 191,690
Trucks 41,950
Prime Movers 8,888
Other Commercials 15,741
Commercial Trailers 34,435
Buses 4,006
Tractors 30,737
Motor Bikes 47,134
Caravans 50,537
Trailers 271,463
Others 16,148
Total 1,841,589