New Snapper closures in place

1 November 2019

New Snapper fishing closures commenced 1 November 2019 to support the long term recovery of South Australian Snapper stocks.

A total Snapper fishing closure applies in West Coast, Spencer Gulf and Gulf St Vincent waters until 31 January 2023.

An annual closure is also in place in South East waters. This closure applies from 1 November until 31 January 2023 each year until 2023.

The closures have been introduced as part of new Snapper management measures aimed at achieving long-term improvement and returning the Snapper fishery to sustainable stock levels.

During the closures, the targeting, take and/or possession of Snapper is prohibited. A $315 on-the-spot fine or, if prosecuted, a maximum penalty of $20,000 may apply.

Any Snapper hooked accidentally while fishing for other species must be carefully handled to immediately return it to the water. Catch and release fishing is strictly prohibited.

When the fishery reopens in the South East, a total allowable catch will be set and shared between all fishing sectors – commercial, recreational and charter. Further details, including fishing limits for South East waters will be made available before the season opens in February 2020.

Fishers are encouraged to show their support for regional fishing communities and to continue enjoying fishing in our state’s beautiful waters, but for other species. Species including Trevally, Snook, Australian Herring (Tommies) and Yellowfin Whiting can all offer a variety of different tastes and fishing experiences to fishers over the upcoming summer months.

Map of Snapper closure areas

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