Boating Compliance Patrols

5 December 2016

The 2016 summer boating season has kicked off with a focus on keeping boaters safe with patrols on water as well as on land to check safety equipment, boat registration and operator licences.

Making sure boaters have correct safety equipment including lifejackets on board for all occupants is always a key focus for Marine Safety Officers on patrol.

Although not compulsory, we recommend all boaters wear a lifejacket while out on the water and particularly ensure children wear a life jacket.

Over recent weekends the department has checked nearly 100 boats, and stopped eight from launching until their equipment was safe. Another five boats were already on the water and were sent ashore to obtain extra items. 

Boaters need to be aware of what they need to have to make sure that they and their crew are safe on the water.

Marine Safety Officers are obliged to send vessels ashore if they don’t have everything in order and a monetary penalty can follow.

Some operators found that their registration had expired, but were able to renew online before they went out. Registration labels are issued for boats, and should be affixed near the steering position so that the operator is always reminded of the expiry date.

Boaters can check their safety equipment requirements on the Boating and Marine section of or by reading the SA Recreational Boating Handbook.