New report catches the status of SA fisheries

4 December 2015

A comprehensive report outlining the stock status of 45 fish species in South Australia has been released.

The Status of South Australian Fisheries Report covers marine, estuarine and freshwater fish, crustaceans and shellfish. The fish were selected due to their importance to the state’s commercial and recreational sectors.

The key points in the report are:

  • 19 of the 45 species are sustainable
  • 13 are depleting or recovering
  • 12 undefined and
  • one is overfished – the Port River Mud Cockle

The report is based on data collected from the fisheries, such as catch and effort data, biological and abundance data from fishery-independent surveys, and economic information for 2012-13 or the 2013 calendar year, depending on the seasonality of the fishery.

The full report, along with a Harvest Strategy Policy, is now available at