Renewed investment in Volunteer Marine Rescue

24 August 2015

More than $1.1 million will be invested in volunteer marine search and rescue operations across South Australia this year including grant funding for services on the Yorke Peninsula.

Volunteer coastal patrol boat on the water 

Emergency Services Minister Tony Piccolo said The Royal Volunteer Coastal Patrol South Australia would benefit from a $47,500 operational grant provided under the State Government’s Community Emergency Services Fund.

“The 2015/16 State Budget included an additional $150,000 a year for Volunteer Marine Rescue for a new tow vehicle program,” Mr Piccolo said.

“In light of national maritime reforms, we are also spending an extra $150,000 to establish a position to coordinate marine training across the State Emergency Services and Volunteer Marine Rescue.”

“This State Budget also includes an extra $100,000 annually for the VMR vessel replacement program bringing the total for 2015/16 to $294,000.”

Volunteer Marine Rescue is made up of six associations that receive funding through State Government grants.

“These patrols and squadrons perform a vital search and rescue operations in South Australian waters and play a key role in helping to keep our waters safe,” Mr Piccolo said.

The other associations are based on the metropolitan coastline and at Whyalla, Cowell and on the South Coast.

The State Government is also investing $380,000 in metropolitan shark patrols this year through the Community Emergency Services Fund and more than $4.5 million in Surf Life Saving SA.

“The services that these volunteer organisations undertake, particularly during summer months, are invaluable to South Australia,” Mr Piccolo said.