Container Leak Near Outer Harbor

8 May 2015

An operation to contain a leaking container of formic acid onboard the vessel Maersk Launceston near Outer Harbor is currently underway.
The Maersk Launceston was travelling from Fremantle to Adelaide. The ships Master reported an incident with a shipping container containing around 20,000 litres of formic acid in smaller containers leaking onboard the vessel.
The incident was reported to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) at 4:00pm yesterday.
MFS have conducted assessments on the safety of the ship and container. The leak was reported to have ceased as of 9.00 am this morning. The vessel will berth at Outer Harbor where the container will be removed. DPTI and MFS will continue to monitor the situation to mitigate any risk to the public and environment.
DPTI are working with other agencies, including the MFS, EPA, SAAS, SA Police to manage the incident.
The vessel will remain at Outer Harbor until it has been assessed and cleared to continue its journey.

An update will be provided this afternoon.

Maersk Launceston