Check the weather before you head out – if in doubt, don’t go out

1 April 2015

Boat operators are reminded that they should always check the latest weather report for the area they intend entering before finalising their plans.

The weather conditions can change rapidly and may vary in different regions and you risk a very uncomfortable boating trip, if not a dangerous trip, if you don’t check the latest weather report from the Bureau of Meteorology.

When assessing the weather forecast, be aware of your own and the boat’s safe operating limits, and take into consideration the safety of any passengers on board the boat.

Learn how to read a weather map and what the forecast conditions mean, the strength of the wind and the size of waves that you may experience.

The Bureau weather forecast will include information on the wind speed in knots and the height of the waves.

Don’t be afraid to cancel the trip if the weather report indicates rough weather approaching as it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When out on the water it’s just as important to keep a watch for signs of approaching bad weather, including the build up of cloud formations, increase in the strength of the wind and an increase in the swell.
These are all signs that it may be time to consider either heading back home or finding a safe haven to shelter in.

Check the Bureau of Meteorology’s website, and the MetEye link, before you get the boat out.

For a free copy of the South Australian Recreational Boating Safety Handbook, the Personal Watercraft Safety Reference Guide or the Kayaks and Canoes Safety Reference Guide please telephone 1300 183 046, or email


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