Public consultation - National Standards for Commercial Vessels

24 March 2015

Draft amendments to Part D of the National Standards for Commercial Vessels ('NSCV Part D') are open for public consultation until 24 April 2015.

A copy of the draft amendments, a draft version of NSCV Part D containing the draft amendments and an explanatory statement about the amendments that will assist you in your review, is available on the AMSA website along with the details for making a submission.

The proposed amendments would more closely align the medical and eyesight requirements of the NSCV Part D with similar requirements under the Navigation Act 2012 and those applying internationally. The amendments would also:

  • align the range of duties permitted under the NSCV Part D for some certificate holders to reflect the appropriate duties currently performed by existing certificate holders and address some anomalies;
  • make editorial changes to NSCV Part D including, omitting outdated or unnecessary provisions and clarifying that seafarers who work in Australia‚Äôs Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) may also work in waters landward of the EEZ.

These proposed amendments to NSCV Part D do not introduce any new certificates of competency.
For all enquiries regarding this, please contact Michaela Moss, Senior Officer, Qualifications -