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Lifejacket reminder for this weekend

22 August 2014

If you are considering taking the boat out this weekend please take a moment to make sure you’ve got all of your necessary safety gear, especially personal flotation devices.

An approved personal flotation device (PFD) must be worn when operating a Personal Watercraft (PWC), when engaged in waterskiing, or when operating kayaks, canoes, surf skis, sailboards and other similar non powered vessels.

For all other recreational vessels an approved PFD must be carried for each person on board and easily accessible. While it is not a requirement to wear a PFD at all times on these vessels, it is recommended when moving about the open deck area or during periods of heightened risk, particularly for children and those who can’t swim.

Information on the types of PFD needed and other safety equipment is available on
Carrying suitable safety equipment
Personal flotation devices

In addition, Personal Floatation Device (PFD, or lifejacket) requirements are listed in the ‘Safety Equipment’ section of the South Australian Boating Safety Handbook which is available free of charge from a Customer Service Centre, the Boating Safety Unit (call 1300 183 046).