Pair survives capsize

31 July 2014

Calm conditions disguised the danger one April morning as two friends checked cray pots at Pelican Point, in the state’s south east.
Under clear skies, the boat owner pulled pots to the surface while his friend steered into the ebbing tide.
Both were facing the shore when their boat was struck by a freak wave.
The wall of water hit the rear of the boat square, capsizing the vessel.
The two found themselves in water about a kilometre offshore.
Luckily a local had seen the accident from shore and speedily arranged a rescue party.
The personal flotation devices (life jackets or PFDs) the fishermen were wearing floated them quickly to the surface and they were able to wait for the rescue.
Both survived and didn’t sustain any injuries. However the boat’s hull and motor were severely damaged.
The incident is a reminder the water is always unpredictable and PFDs should always be worn by every member onboard.

Personal flotation devices