Tow in surfers reminded of a 2 mile limit

16 May 2014

Tow in surfers are reminded to stay within two nautical miles of the shore as they make their way to popular surf spots.

A number of beaches on the Fleurieu Peninsula are popular with surfers who use Personal Watercraft (jet skis) to tow them into big waves.

During winter (1 May to 30 September) jet skiers are restricted from Encounter Bay to avoid collisions with whales.

To avoid this zone as they travel to popular surf spots, jet skiers occasionally try to travel through deeper water far from the coast.

This can put the skiers in danger and breaks the two mile limit, Pat Sparks, the Fleurieu’s safety officer says.

“Jet skis aren’t equipped to venture too far from the coast,” he says.

“They aren’t very large and aren’t required to carry much safety equipment so can’t take action if they get into trouble.

“For their own safety and to stay within the legislation they must travel within two nautical miles of the coast.”

In addition, tow in surfers are reminded of the requirement to have a spotter on the jet ski and all involved should be wearing a suitable life jacket (Personal Flotation Device 2 or 3).

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