Sea dumpers beware

30 November 2010


Dumping illegal material at sea is a dangerous activity, can harm the natural environment and is an activity authorities are keeping a close eye on.

Fisheries officers recently intercepted a boat on Yorke Peninsula loaded with wooden pallets, scrap wood and milk crates filled with rocks and joined together by cable ties.

It was believed the individuals on board had the intention of dumping the material at sea to create an artificial reef to attract snapper.

Foreign material, when dumped at sea, can cause significant damage to fragile sea beds and native sea grasses. This ultimately risks disturbing the natural habitat of fish stocks and other marine creatures.

Artificial reefs also create a navigational hazard to other vessels.

Dumping at sea risks damaging the marine environment and putting the safety of all involved and other boats at risk.

Due to these dangers, significant effort and resources are in place to detect and investigate this type of illegal activity.