1 in 2 caught in safety blitz

21 October 2010

A recent statewide water safety blitz found 55 per cent of boats inspected failed to meet safety rules.

Departmental officers used the blitz to educate boat owners about strict boat safety and registration requirements.

Trent Rusby, General Manager Transport Safety Regulation, was concerned at the number of vessel operators that were cautioned for not carrying basic safety equipment.

“We remain vigilant to catch people who don’t adhere to basic water safety messages,” Trent Rusby said.

“If a vessel is operated in any waters of the state it must carry a personal flotation device (PFD) for each person aboard,”

“A PFD must also be worn at all times aboard canoes, kayaks, sailboards, kite surfers or small sailing dinghies and personal watercraft.

“You should always check safety equipment that has an expiry date, such as flares, or requires batteries before you go boating.

“Equipment must be in working order to meet the requirements – and to be of any value should an emergency occur.

“And vessel owners must have registration identification numbers displayed on the vessel in the correct size, position and with good legibility.

“The fines for not carrying the required safety equipment are severe and entirely avoidable – just by carrying the safety equipment in your vessel.”