Marine volunteers the real deal

30 November 2010

There is a certain selflessness that comes with being a marine rescue volunteer, who do a fantastic job along our coastlines helping people who are in danger or need.

Volunteer Marine Rescue Associations in South Australia assist search and rescue authorities by providing a 24 hour response to marine emergencies.

So imagine being rescued by someone who claims to be a volunteer, but then asks for a fee to salvage your vessel – it’s just not on and is something a genuine volunteer would never do. Manager of the Volunteer Marine Rescue Association, Darryl Wright, advises people that anyone who asks for a fee is not a genuine volunteer and should be treated as a fee for service provider.

“Members from accredited Volunteer Marine Rescue groups and the State Emergency Services provide an invaluable volunteer service for the community, and while donations to the associations are gratefully accepted, the rescue service is free,” he said.

Anyone who charges a fee should be upfront and clear that they are not a volunteer and are offering their assistance at a price.

There have been reports of people not being upfront about fees and a warning goes out to boaties to challenge this type of behaviour if they experience it. There are six independently incorporated associations plus marine units of the State Emergency Service that are strategically located throughout the State – along both coastal and inland waters.

In addition to providing an on water rescue capability, Volunteer Marine Rescue Associations and the SES operate a number of limited coastal listening stations around the State. These provide a listening watch over marine radio frequencies, particularly the VHF network, and are used to make contact with people in need.

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