Barbie sunk to snag snapper

9 December 2011

 An allegedly illegal reef, or ‘snapper drop’ has been found and removed from the waters off Wallaroo during November.

Parts of the artificial reef, which included a bbq, fish boxes and milk crates filled with rocks to weigh them down, were located in open waters and later in the Wallaroo Marina channel.

The materials were towed ashore by the Copper Coast Sea Rescue and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

The matter is currently under investigation by the department with a view to obtaining costs of recovering the dumped material and associated fines.
It is an offence to illegally dump materials at sea and this practice could result in prosecution and civil litigation.

Penalties for placing materials to create an artificial reef without a permit can attract fines of up to $220 000, imprisonment or both.

Illegal dumping puts vessels at risk and can cause damage to equipment, such as nets and anchors.

If you have any information relating to illegal dumping you should call the Transport Safety Compliance Office on (08) 8343 2222.

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