Activated EPIRB saves lives

27 April 2012

EPIRB Two men were rescued from Backstairs Passage on ANZAC Day after they activated their EPIRB when their boat was swamped by a wave.

The alarm was raised at around 1.15pm when their beacon was triggered in the vicinity of North Page Island.

A search commenced a short time later with the assistance of Australian Search and Rescue (AusSAR) and Sea Rescue.

The SA Police helicopter located one of the two men on the beach off North Page Island within half an hour.

Shortly after a commercial fishing boat found the other man on the semi-submerged vessel approximately 2 miles north-west of North Page.

The men told Seven News their boat was hit by a huge wave in Backstairs Passage, between Cape Jervis and Kangaroo Island.

One of the men, Mark Daniel, had a warning to other fisherman.

"Any fishermen out there, make sure you have an EPIRB, because that's what saved our lives today,” he told Seven News.

Neither man sustained serious injuries and were taken to Cape Jervis.

Goolwa Sea Rescue towed the submerged boat to Cape Jervis.

The incident serves as a warning to ensure that all vessels are fitted with working emergency beacons.

Here is a link to a video describing how to use and maintain an EPIRB.