Marine Park zones released

10 July 2012

The full set of proposed zones for the state’s 19 marine parks have been unveiled.

This follows the release of proposed sanctuary zones in April that cover about six per cent of South Australia’s state waters.

They were developed after extensive statewide consultation involving key interest groups, local government, local communities and the 14 local advisory groups.

The majority of waters inside the parks are proposed as Habitat Protection or General Managed Zones, which provide for a wide range of commercial and recreational activities, including fishing.

Information provided by SARDI based on catch data from commercial fishers indicates an economic impact on the state’s commercial fishing industry of around two per cent GVP statewide (gross value of commercial production).

This is well within the Government’s commitment to less than a five per cent GVP impact.

The Government is expecting to receive additional information from the fishing industry in the near future which could further assist in minimising the impact on industry.

All information received during the upcoming public review period will be carefully considered before any final decisions are made on marine park zoning.

The proposed zoning map is available at

For general information about marine parks and the upcoming public review period visit or freecall the Marine Parks hotline on 1800 006 120.

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