Reminder: maintaining stability on the water

13 November 2013

Maintaining a stable boat on the water is vital for the safety of passengers.

The balance of a vessel on the water can easily be unsettled by incorrect loading or passenger movement.

Boaters should ensure that they check any weight specifications on their vessel before when loading their vessel.
Refer to the information on the Australian builder's plate (ABP) or the manufacturer's compliance plate, if one is fitted to your boat, to determine the maximum number of adults a boat can legally carry.

If your vessel does not have either a manufacturer's compliance plate or an ABP use the tables on the boat capacity page of

To use the tables, you need to know your boat's length and breadth in metres.

All gear should be stowed securely and distributed evenly to maintain the vessel’s stability.

Passengers should sit so that the vessel remains level and moving about in small vessels must be done carefully, if at all.

For more details see page 36 of the South Australian recreational boating handbook.

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