Skiing rule refresh

26 March 2013

Water skiers heading to the River Murray – especially those new to the sport – are reminded to refresh their knowledge of the rules before launching.

The Murray is a popular destination over the four-day holiday and the congested conditions can be dangerous for those who don’t know what they’re doing.

A lot of risks are taken by people that aren’t familiar with the rules on the River, Murray transport safety compliance officer, Dean Holloway said.

“There are some very basic rules that everyone must know before launching,” he said.

“For example, all ski boats must have an observer to check on the safety of the skier.

“Boats must also keep at least 100 metres behind someone being towed by another boat or 50 metres from a person in the water if you are exceeding four knots.”

To refresh your rules knowledge go to the waterskiing page on

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