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5 February 2013

Boaties, whether powered or unpowered, should always advise someone where they are going and when they expect to return.

“In the interests of your own safety and the safety of anyone on your boat, you should always leave details of your planned boat trip with your family or friends” said Trent Rusby, DPTI’s director of Transport Safety Regulation.

“It’s common sense to let someone know where you are going, how many people will be on board, where you are departing from and when you plan to return,” he said.

“If your plans change – let them know that too and also ensure they know details about your boat, such as the registration number and boat colour.

Letting their partners know where they were going saved these stranded divers when they failed to return.

Once you’ve got your boat in the water and you’re ready to leave the boat ramp, if you have a marine radio you should log on with the nearest Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) group via radio and always log off after returning safely.

Details supplied to the VMR group are the same as those you advise your family and friends - the name of your boat or registration number, the number of people on board, where you intend to go and when you intend to return.

“It might seem like doubling up, but it could be the crucial factor in saving your life,” Mr Rusby said.

“Search and rescue operations involve a large number of people and are therefore expensive, so the more accurate information you leave the easier, quicker and more effective the rescue.”

A ‘Stay Safe, Be Prepared’ fridge magnet is available, free of charge, to assist with recording trip details. 

If you would like one contact the Boating Safety Unit on 1300 183 046.

For more information visit about being safe on your boat visit sa.gov.au/boatingmarine

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