Four speed zones often ignored along Murray

16 April 2013

Safety officers on patrol during Christmas and Easter fined and cautioned a number of boaters for ignoring 4 knot speed limits.

The zones where there have been repeated breaches include:
- Blanchetown
- Murray Bridge
- Mannum
- ‘no power boats’ area on the Eastern side of Long Island, Murray Bridge (this area is set aside for vessels without engines)

These areas have been set up to ensure the safe operation of vessels along town foreshores, especially those popular with houseboats,  rowers, swimmers and where boats are often launched and retrieved.

The restricted zones are clearly marked, with signage posted at boat ramps and buoys stationed at the zone perimeter.
It’s the responsibility of the boat skipper to judge the speed limits correctly by using speedometer, handheld GPS or estimation.

For more information on correctly gauging your vessel’s speed watch the online video.

restricted area sign